Hello! I’m Kristy Tillman a designer living in San Francisco, California. I am currently the Head of Communication Design at Slack.

I also spend my time on a volunteer basis with Code2040 on the Curriculum Steering Committee.

And I run a weekly newsletter Tomorrow Looks Bright.

Prior to Slack, I served as the Design Director at Society Grownups. I cut my teeth as a designer at IDEO in the Boston studio for almost 4 years, and my past experiences also include PUMA and Reebok.

Once upon a time I co-founded the Detroit Water Project with the amazing Tiffani Ashley Bell.

And lead MICA students through the Flexible Design Studio workshop with a module on social impact design.

I am a proud 2x alumna of Florida A&M University, and I studied design at Kansas City Art Institute.

Why this blog?

I started this blog as a space to work out my thoughts on the cultural and social implications of design and technology.

Three things I have a strong interest in:

How marginalized groups contribute to the boarder cultural conversation through group specific uses of technology outside of its intended design.

Unpacking the effects of a global paternalistic design culture.

The existence and history of a distinct “maker” movement in Black American culture.

I will also be posting other design and technology musings, as well as side projects I am working on.